NASS to estimate milk production

Published on: Apr 3, 2013

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has announced plans to report an estimate of U.S. milk production across all states each month through September, using "various sources of administrative data."

The announcement was made April 3.

Milk production is a critical element of the monthly milk production report that NASS suspended last month to meet sequestration requirements (Feedstuffs, March 18). Other important statistics, including milk cow numbers and milk produced per cow, will not be provided.

NASS suspended the monthly report, along with a number of other reports, including the mid-year cattle inventory, through the end of September, which is the end of the federal fiscal year, as a cost-saving measure to bring the agency into compliance with its sequestration requirements.

NASS said the decision to issue the estimated information is part of the agency's continuing evaluation of its fiscal 2013 budgetary situation and its commitment "to timely, accurate and useful data" for U.S. agriculture.