MFA releases video from foie gras farm

Published on: Jun 13, 2013

Animal rights and vegetarian advocate Mercy For Animals (MFA) this week released undercover video filmed at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York that the organization said shows "horrendous" animal cruelty.

MFA called on Amazon to cease selling foie gras on its website and called on the New York legislature to adopt legislation pending in the state senate that would ban production of foie gras. The legislation is sponsored by Sen. Tony Avella and would affect Hudson Valley and one other producer. 

The video, released on June 12, was recorded secretly by an MFA "investigator" who had taken employment at Hudson Valley for one month in April.

Hudson Valley said the video "misrepresented" operations at the farm and showed activities that were taken out of context.

Foie gras is liver from ducks and geese that are force fed large amounts of feed through pipes or tubes that are inserted into the animals' throats. The process enlarges the liver, and many chefs and consumers consider foie gras a delicacy.

Producers have said the feeding process is not cruel, noting that ducks have no gag reflex and have thick linings in their throats to prevent injury.

Foie gras production was banned in California last year (Feedstuffs, July 9, 2012).