Lactation biology looks at milk frequency and more

Published on: Jul 10, 2013

The Lactation Biology Breakout session at JAM 2013 provided a unique perspective of the dairy industry and a look at how it often works closely with other focuses and can even be tied to the human side of things.

The session covered a host of topics, ranging from dry period effects on subsequent lactation to the effects of amino acid supplementation on epithelial cells in dairy cattle. 

One highlight was work by a group of investigators from New Zealand that found an increase in B1 Integrin when milking frequency was increased to 4x vs. 1x. The work has opened further avenues for more research behind the physiology of the milk production increases that coincide with an increased milking frequency.

In addition, researchers from France shared their cabergoline application results that were highlighted by a hastening of mammary involution when treatment was applied.


Adam Geiger earned has BS from UW-Madison and his MS at Mississippi State.  He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at Virginia Tech.