Informational video on rendering released

Published on: Aug 13, 2013

The National Renderers Assn. (NRA) has released a new educational video titled "Rendering: The Sustainable Solution" to inform the public about an industry that affects people every day but that most don't even realize exists.

Rendering was one of the first types of true recycling, NRA said, explaining that it began as a means to produce soap and candles and has evolved as society required different uses. Renderers take animal products that the American public chooses not to consume and convert them into valuable ingredients that are used in pet food, livestock feed, fertilizer, biodiesel and a number of other everyday items.

The rendering process essentially cooks byproducts from slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, fryer grease from restaurants, waste from supermarkets like day-old rotisserie chickens or expired meat and recalled products, separates the fat from the protein and dries out the protein, NRA explained.

Without rendering, these items would end up in a landfill, wasting space and producing dangerous levels of greenhouse gases as they decompose, NRA said. Rendering also inactivates bacteria and viruses that can cause both food safety and human health issues.

This new video is currently available on Youtube and on NRA's website at Infographics explaining the process of rendering, the environmental value of rendering and how rendering affects the restaurant industry will be available soon, along with informational pamphlets.