IN FOCUS: GMO labeling fight continues in California

Published on: Sep 30, 2013

FOOD producers, processers and marketers already face a significant regulatory burden, but a slate of lawsuits on the issue of labeling genetically modified (GM) ingredients has become, in a sense, another layer of de facto regulation, according to legal analysts with Faegre Bakers Daniel.

California has become something of a hotbed of legal activity related to GM ingredient labeling, and the state recently debated Proposition 37, a controversial measure that would have required the labeling of foods containing GM ingredients, and disallowed companies from marketing foods containing any GM substance as “natural.”

While the measure was defeated in the November 2012 election, the fight over what should and should not be labeled rages on. At issue is the question of consumers’ “right to know,” a somewhat subjective concept in and of itself, versus the additional cost mandatory labeling would likely pose to food producers – and ultimately to consumers.

FBD food and agriculture specialists Kim Walker and Steve Toeniskoetter discussed the situation on the ground in California, and the bigger questions GM labeling pose, in a recent edition of Feedstuffs In Focus, the podcast of big news in agriculture. You can listen to the conversation here.