European patent for canthaxanthin

Published on: Dec 17, 2013
DSM announced that it has received a European patent for use of canthaxanthin to improve breeder performance. Canthaxanthin is a nature-identical carotenoid produced by DSM. Its use in MaxiChick — DSM's patented solution for boosting the productivity of breeder flocks — has likewise been granted in Brazil, China, Switzerland, Australia and Mexico. The European Patent Office has confirmed DSM's patent on the use of canthaxanthin and/or at least one vitamin D metabolite — preferably 25-hydroxy-vitamin D3 — for improving breeder hatchability and fertility and for lowering embryo mortality in poultry. MaxiChick combines the antioxidant properties of canthaxanthin with the calcium-mediating action of Hy-D, DSM's specific vitamin D3 metabolite.