Center seeks proposals to strengthen sheep/goat industries

Published on: Aug 1, 2013

The National Sheep Industry Improvement Center (NSIIC) board of directors announced that it is accepting proposals designed to improve the U.S. sheep and goat industries. Applications will be accepted through Sept. 30.

The center was established as part of the 2008 farm bill. Currently, NSIIC has budgeted up to $300,000 for grants that will support projects to strengthen and enhance the production and marketing of sheep and goat products in the U.S. through infrastructure development, business development, production, resource development and market and environmental research.

Financial assistance provided by the center must accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

* Strengthen and improve long-term sustainability of the goat and/or lamb and wool industry's infrastructure.

* Provide leadership training and education to producers and packers in the sheep and goat industries.

* Improve the infrastructure of the industry through assistance to address sustainable production and marketing of sheep and goat milk, meat, fiber and through related services such as grazing for fire management and pasture improvements.

* Promote lamb and meat goat marketing through an organized method that measures tangible results.

* Enhance the sheep and goat industry by coordinating information exchange and encouraging cooperation within the international industry community.

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