Calendar of Events, 11/8/04

Published on: Nov 8, 2004

New 2004

Nov. 10-11--Midwest Dairy Herd Health Conference

Nov. 22-25--International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit

Dec. 7--Annual Animal Welfare Conference

Dec. 8--Illinois Farrowing Conference

Dec. 9-10--Lauren Christian Swine Genetics Symposium & National Swine Improvement Federation Annual Meeting

New 2005

April 6-7--London Swine Conference

June 19-22--BIO Annual International Convention



Nov. 2-5--ADSA DISCOVER Conference: Protecting and Managing Animal Genetic Resources for Future Generations

Nov. 4-5--World Nutrition Forum

Nov. 4-6--American Feed Industry Assn. Equipment Manufacturers Conference

Nov. 7-9--Association of Equipment Manufacturers Annual Conference

Nov. 14-17--National Agricultural Bankers Conference

Nov. 15-17--National Beef Science Seminar

Nov. 16-17--Southeast Dairy Herd Management Conference

Dec. 2-3--Ohio Dairy Management Conference

Dec. 7-9--North Dakota Poultry Industries Annual Convention

Dec. 13-15--Wheat Quality Short Course



Jan. 9-12--American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention

Jan. 17-20--Aquaculture America 2005

Jan. 19-20--California Grain & Feed Industry Conference

Jan. 23-25--North Dakota Grain Dealers Assn. Annual Convention & Industry Show

Fargo, N.D. 58102; (701) 235-4184;

Jan. 23-28--Practical Short Course on Feeds & Pet Food Extrusion

Jan. 25-27--Dairy Calves & Heifers: Integrating Managment & Biology

Jan. 26-27--2005 Iowa Pork Congress

Jan. 26-28--International Poultry Exposition

Jan. 31-Feb. 1--International Debate Conference for the Feed & Food Chain; Antimicrobial Growth Promoters: Worldwide Ban on the Horizon?

Feb. 13-20--Iowa Beef Expo

Feb. 28-Mar. 4--18th American Seed Trade Assn. Management Academy

March 5-8--American Association of Swine Veterinarians Annual Meeting

March 9-10--Nebraska Poultry Industries Annual Convention

March 16-19--National Institute of Oilseed Products Annual Convention

March 16-18--VIV Asia,

March 21-23--4th Annual Stakeholders Summit

April 10-13--ADSA DISCOVER Conference: Improving Health through Dairy Foods

April 13-16--California Grain & Feed Industry Annual Convention

April 29-May 1--Georgia Poultry Federation Annual Spring Meeting

May 11-12--California Animal Nutrition Conference

May 23-25--Rapid Methods Europe 2005

May 29-June 2--MODEL-IT International Symposium

June 18-22--122nd American Seed Trade Assn. Annual Convention

August 7-12--51st International Congress of Meat Science & Technology

Aug. 22-26--World Veterinary Poultry Assn. Congress & Exhibition

Sept. 27-28--Georgia Poultry Conference

Oct. 7-16--Poultry World

Nov. 5-8--51st Farm & Lawn Seed Conference & Western Seed Assn. Annual Convention

Nov. 16-17--National Conference for Agribusiness

Dec. 7-9--60th Corn & Sorghum & Soybean Seed Research Conference Seed Expo

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