'Ag-gag' law fails to pass in Indiana

Published on: Apr 27, 2013

The Indiana General Assembly adjourned for the year without passing any version of a proposed “ag-gag” law, including a tougher version that was favored by the Indiana Senate.

On Friday, April 26, the Indiana Senate passed Senate Bill 373 on a 29-to-21 vote, sending the measure over to Indiana House. In the debate that followed in the House, Democrats claimed the more sweeping Senate adopted bill was now a “gag all” bill that went beyond just farm protection. Some member of the House, for instance, questioned if the bill might make it illegal for someone to text damaging information about a restaurant or nursing home.
Indiana House Speaker Brian C. Bosma pulled the bill after time-killing debate, without allowing another vote on the House floor. He said he wanted to force the Senate to vote on the milder House version of the proposed law.

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, R- Fort Wayne, however, announced the upper chamber would be taking no more votes on “ag-gag” in 2013. His action officially killed the “ag-gag” law for the year.

The defeat of SB 373 was applauded by animal rights groups.

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  1. Steven Stapp says:

    Why in Heaven's name would you even consider punishing whistle blowers? We cannot allow agriculture to just do 'what-ever' because they are who they are. There are animal rights laws in this country for a reason. There are laws against animal abuse, neglect even abandonment in this country for a reason. We cannot allow special interest groups (lobbyist) to dictate the laws that oversea their own operations. They have to be held to the same standards as everyone else when it comes to the treatment of animals. Ag-gag bills are simply the tools of barbarians.