1. Fighting PEDv and a second diarrheal virus in pigs
    Ohio Department of Agriculture scientists are working on a vaccine for PEDv, and in the meanwhile discovered a second diarrhea-causing pig virus.
  2. Feed industry pushing for a GMO labeling solution
    A new agricultural coalition is asking Congress to seek a federal solution and establish standards for genetically modified food and feed ingredients.
  3. Record cattle prices and a 'ground beef nation'
    Rabo AgriFinance economist Don Close said that a 'perfect story' of factors has driven cattle and beef prices to unprecedented levels.
  4. Clearing the air over OSHA's role on small farms
    OSHA deputy assistant secretary Jordan Barab says his agency is working to clear up confusion over a 2011 memo dealing with small farms.
  5. Passing Farm Bill 'make or break' in January
    Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack discusses the Farm Bill and USDA's flexibility on school lunch requirements.
  6. Does the pork industry need quality grading?
    Kansas State University economist Glynn Tonsor looks at the economic implications of the pork industry's lack of a quality grading system.
  7. OUTLOOK: Climate entering volatile period for agriculture
    Based on long-term historical trends, Iowa State University climatologist Elwynn Taylor predicts the next several years will see great variability.
  8. OUTLOOK: Farm policy possibilities in 2014
    Farm policy issues are increasingly clouded by partisan politics, something that typically has not happened in Farm Bill debates of the past 30 years.
  9. OUTLOOK: Grain prices underpinned by solid demand
    Economist Thomas Elam says that without ethanol, corn prices would be much, much lower after farmers harvest the largest crop in history.
  10. OUTLOOK: Feeding 9 billion people by 2050
    Kemin CEO Dr. Chris Nelson discusses the prospects for feeding 3 billion additional people in 30 years, including the critical role of protein production.