Jacqui Fatka Archives

  • Ag owes success to research

    The future prosperity of U.S. agriculture and its ability to feed the world is dependent on investment in agricultural research.


  • Lack of immigration reform stifles ag output

    Four hundred groups urge fix for outdated immigration system.


  • Incentives work to encourage healthier SNAP eating

    An ongoing investment of less than 15 cents per person per day may result in a 25% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption among adults.


  • School snack rule finalized

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture rolled out its latest installment of a healthier school meal laws with an interim final rule for its "Smart Snacks in School" nutrition standards.


  • Dairy MOU: Turn waste into asset

    Partnership aims for more anaerobic digesters to be built.


  • SNAP modestly affects diet quality

    A recent study found participation in the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has a very modest effect on diet quality.


  • Biotech rider about science

    Buried in this year's continuing resolution was a measure cointed the "biotech rider" that has given the anti-biotechnology crowd a new battle cry, but in reality, it helps science - not activists - determine the fate of biotechnology.


  • Making sustainability pay off

    Field to Market pilot projects help farmers understand the tangible and economic benefits of environmental improvements.


  • Dilemma on horizon for dairy

    Dairy production spending versus receipts is not even 1%. In fact, it's 0.08%. This makes it hard to accomplish an effective program with such small annual outlays