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  • Studies fault nutrition in processed, prepared foods

    Three recent studies suggest food manufacturers and restaurants are making little progress on curbing the calorie, fat and sodium contents of foods and meals.


  • American diet needs help

    Americans are allocating more of their food budget to processed foods, and one problem may be that nutrition labels are possible too confusing or prolific.


  • Poultry becoming even safer

    "Alarming claims" about antibiotic resistance in and foodborne illnesses from meat and poultry tend to overlook the extent to which illness incidents are being reduced sharply.


  • 'Cereal killers' can be stopped

    Consumers being "lured away" from boxed cereal.


  • Egg housing legislation introduced in Congress

    Legislation was introduced simultaneously in the House and Senate last week to establish a national standard for hen housing for the egg industry.


  • Plan won't significantly drive up egg prices

    The egg industry's complete transition to enriched colonies would increase prices a half-penny per egg from what egg prices would be without the conversion.


  • Ban on large sodas bound to backfire

    Research by psychologists indicates that the ban on large sizes of sugar-sweetened drinks that was passed in New York City earlier this year -- but found illegal -- almost certainly would have backfired.


  • 'See, stop' animal mistreatment

    Initiative not animal care program but directive to employees to act immediately.


  • FMI supports exemption to calorie info labeling

    The Food Marketing Institute supports legislation exempting grocery stores from a rule that would require stores with foodservice sections to provide calorie information on that food.


  • Agencies seek dismissal of HSUS suit over pork tagline

    Federal agencies have filed a motion seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit brought by HSUS over ownership of the "Pork: The Other White Meat" marketing message, or trademark.